THE new year has entered and a month has gone by as the cold keeps pressing in.  There are those who are bearing the winter of life alone and are always seeking a place of warmth and a renewing of life.

GOD offers the warm of eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, and feeds the empty soul with the Bread of Life.  How do they know to whom to come? They don’t unless those whom God calls goes.  During our travels over this past Christmas, God brought a stark reminder that no matter where one goes in the world there are lives seeking direction for the hope and internal peace.

THIS year is another opportunity to proclaim Christ to empty souls of desperation so they can hear the message of salvation and hope, and to receive salvation and be filled with the Bread of Life.


“Suffer the little children to come unto me.” This little boy refused to leave for the longest time as he listened to our signing and the musicians playing while Micky and Minnie were just down from us. His persistence required his parents to stand and listen to our proclamation of God’s love towards mankind through His Son Jesus Christ. Ps. 34:11, Matthew 18:2-4, and Matthew 19:14

THE ministry work doesn’t stop in the open outdoors.  It comes to the students at E.C.A. during chapel which takes place every Friday morning with one of our area pastors or parents bringing the Word of God to the students, and in the classrooms as teachers minister by incorporating God’s Word into the subject matter as they teach.


THE two pictures below are of the bridge that spans the across the Rhine River in Cologne, Germany with “Locks of Love” attached to it.  There were many various types of locks attached to the metal railing and some had attached an extra-large lock to the main railing so that others may have an attachment to the source. Our reach to the lost across the vast coldness of life requires our love not out of pity but that of Christ’s – a sacrifice of one’s self with a genuine sharing of God’s Grace and Mercy.

IT doesn’t require a lot of expression of love in one setting. It may be just a little bit at a time in that one particular place and moment to help a person realize that God’s love is genuine.


Please keep us in your prayers as we work at ECA, and go into the communities where God leads us to serve as laborers in the fields of harvest.  How should you pray?  Pray for God’s leading to be clear as to whom He has been preparing for the harvest, and that our actions would be that of Christ and not of human effort to be doing something. Thank you for your support in all areas.


HELLO 2017 Pages in a Book of the Past

It has arrived the closing of another book full of daily pages and the beginning of another. The year 2016 has ended and 2017 has begun. It is a new year that everyone had been hoping to arrive so the events of 2016 would be cast in the shadows of memories and all can move forward into a new adventure with hopes of a better 365 days in their lives.  There were great regrets for some and few for others, some clung to the past and forgot about the present and future hopes, while others experienced some regrets and looked earnestly to the promises of God for their hopes and progressed forward towards the end of 2016 in hopes of stepping into 2017.  How did our year close out, how did the closing pages read? Let’s take a look.

April and May of 2016 was door opening for Cindy and I that we had not expected to step through but we did with faith, leaving family members, and Church family behind to experience what God had planned for us and others to share in.  We have experienced sorrow of separation, laughter of meeting new friends, explored a new culture, and stepped into the world of servitude instead of leadership.  We are learning what God’s Word says about our ownership regarding our lives (1 Corinthians 6:19 and Acts 20:24).

Following the last posting, our lives stepped into the ending of our first semester serving at ECA and ministering in various ways in the community and Madrid, and into the Christmas season. We were able to revisit Jamie at his place of work and give him and his fellow workers each a candy cane with an attached inscription as to the meaning of the cane with its colors. Cindy had the opportunity to visit with a lady who attached herself to us as conversational neighbors. Cindy invited another lady, whom we have met on the bus, to come to Immanuel Baptist Church “Carols by Candlelight” service and she came.  We have become part of team for a new ministry program called “Zone Ministry” at Immanuel Baptist.  The closing season was full and we needed a break to refresh and gain new direction so off we went.

Berlin, Germany became our first stop for a break. We spent four days there meeting people, experiencing the culture, and visiting memorials and shops. Berlin is a city of bondage and freedom remembrances and yet tied into the present with it’s modern buildings and modern human thinking.  We visited Sachsenhausen (WWII Nazi Concentration Camp), Reichstag building, the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie, and the Brandenburg Gate. Our highlight of visiting Berlin was seeing two Rabbi setting a lighted Star of David on a massive Hanukkah in front of the Brandenburg Gate and meeting a Jewish man named Boaz and his son during the concentration camp tour.  The highlight of meeting this man and his son was the desire of our hearts to meet him again coming to fruition.  Cindy and I had a short talk with him the day of the tour and so desired to talk with him again because we had some questions and wanted to share  the Messiah Jesus Christ with him and his son and Cindy wanted to ask him if he knew what tribe he was from.  God gave us the desire of our hearts the next day in a totally different area of Berlin on a subway platform.  There was Boaz and his son standing there amongst the crowd and we four spotted each other and began conversing. We told him that our meeting was not by chance but God designed. He lives in Jerusalem and we are now in contact with each other via email.  Please keep him and us in prayer as we reach out to him regarding God’s message of eternal freedom and hope.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and the Stone of Death

The Giant Hanukkah and the Rabbi with the Star of David


Thanksgiving is new in the sense of it being a time of thanksgiving. The people of God have been doing it since the time of Adam and Eve when their first child was born who ended up being the sadness in their life. It reminds me of God’s Word which says, “In all things give thanks.” We tend to give thanks to God for the good times and the many comforting blessings and yet we forget that which has caused us to assess who we are and look to our Redeemer who lives and is in control. God never asked us to look at another and say I’m thankful in a comparative setting. He just said be thankful in all things. We look at what God has been doing in Spain and Cindy and I have learned to thank Him even for the settings and events we have not expected to be in and lived through with the loss of my brother since we have been here.

We ride buses to and from our pueblo and sometimes we get a ride from a fellow missionary who drives. During those private vehicle rides I enjoy the comforts of warmth and reflect what it would be like to drive our own vehicle and then I remember why we ride the public transportation. It is to be thankful for the opportunity of having contact with souls in desperate need of salvation and presenting Christ’s Grace and Mercy through acts of kindness. And we have had those opportunities even in the most difficult times of weather or crowded conditions, and even during the long trek home when we are tired.

We just want to take a moment and say thank you for your kindness in support through your prayers and financial strength to do what God has called us to do here in Spain.

We hope that you and your families have had a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoyed the many blessings of sharing laughter and stories over food.

Happy Thanksgiving from Cindy and I


A Baby Dedication Service at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Madrid where we worship.  God’s message reaches across all nations and unto the next generation when His people are faithful.

The harvest is plentiful we just call them in and where it is not we need to plant the seed.

Thank you for all you do!

Please let us know how we can pray for you and yours.

In Christ’s Service,

Bob and Cindy Liechti

Life in Ministry in Spain


20160824_171309  A Field White Unto Harvest

When you think about Jesus’s statement of truth, as recorded in John 4:35, “I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest,” it is understood that the harvest of the lost for His Kingdom is ripe and ready for the gleaning. But what might be the case is the lack of understanding how those fields might look. Here are a few fields that Cindy and I have been working through for the past couple of months.

Working in the classroom is a field within the field of missionaries. Not every child in a Christian community is saved and the fruits of those lives being in that state becomes evident after a bit. So, it adds a new dimension to the already designed method of educating young people in preparation for secular or ministerial work. The demons know whom they have control over and they make efforts to challenge us as teachers at every opportune time. The number of students who do know the Lord as their Savior is far more than those who are not saved but their needs for maturing and discipleship are equally in need. These challenges during the past couple of months has caused me to re-assess my teaching skills and keep my eyes on the LORD of Heaven and Earth at all times. I have grown in learning who I am and where my walk is in Christ, have a more directed focus of who I need to pray for. Nehemiah sought the Lord of Heaven in confession and repentance not for the sake of himself but for the need of Israel and the state of Jerusalem and for help in knowing how to approach the king. He had to have preparation in his own life before he could address the need of Jerusalem. Before he could address the earthly king over him, he had to seek the King of heaven and earth who allowed this earthly king to rule over Nehemiah and the Israelites for grace and mercy. God granted it to him and the doors opened. I have come to realize that in any field of harvest God has called any of us to work in that we need to seek Him first on how to do it moment by moment. After all, He has prepared it so He should know how to harvest it. Pray for our harvest times that we will be sensitive to the real needs of those in the fields and attentive to God’s leading.

Cindy has been ministering to the needs of the elementary teachers and other ministry members in their efforts serving the elementary children. She has also been a testimony to the elementary children by actively participating in their games during recess time. They really like her and have in turn ministered to her with a get-well card when she was sick and at home during the later week of October. She is growing in her walk too due to this type of field we are working in.

Teachers and Other Ministry Members


Our house parenting skills are also growing by housing a teenage girl who and our relationship with her is also growing. She is a sharp young lady and yet still a teenager (in a good way). We not only have her as a young lady living under our care but she is one of my students in one of my classes. NO, she does not get extra privileges to knowing what is on the assessments or help.


Aside from Cindy being sick and Bob catching a bit of it from her, he had a recent root canal done that had been forgotten about before we left the States. But the tooth had not forgotten about it and it let him know abruptly. So off we went to the dentist with the aid of a sister in Christ. The dentist has a child who graduated from ECA and was so pleased with the outcome of her child’s education and turnout. She gives a 10 percent discount to those who minister at the school. Our bill for the whole thing was 1/4th of the cost of a root canal in the US. Yes, you read that right, and it is a private practice. What a blessing!


We do take time out for relaxation from Bob’s heavy preparation for teaching three different subjects. We have gone to a medieval festival, on a field trip with the middle schoolers, on a cultural field trip, and on a night in Madrid making contact with Spaniards while enjoying tapas and dessert with fellow missionary staff.



Medieval Festival




We are learning Spanish, Cindy two days a week and Bob one. We get to practice with the people in the community and our landlord. They are gracious to us and help us if we are in error. Life is different here but not so that we are lost in the shuffle of things.


There are all kinds of food to eat in Spain and at the Medieval Festival we ate a “Kebalb” in an Arabic style restaurant.  Look at the meat.

We were able to ride in an old-time train with other missionaries to visit a really old town. The train is called the “tren de la fresa,” it means the Strawberry Train in Spanish.   They served fresh strawberries on it.  And then we rode a tiny train to see the King of Spain’s summer palace. It has over 80 bedrooms. You could sleep in a different bedroom every 4 and half days.


God has called us and He will keep us. We ask that you keep us in prayer and those we are ministering to. We do cherish them and please feel free to contact us via this blog in the response section under “ABOUT”, email, Facebook, Whats app, or skype. No phone calls unless it is an emergency, it costs us dearly. Thank you for your support and prayers. In Christ’s Service, Bob and Cindy Liechti

More about life in Spain

In case you noticed the “persianas” (or blinds as we would call them) on every window and most doors, I thought I would take a minute to explain their purpose. The Spaniards and other European countries use persianas to help regulate the temperature in the house. They are built into the window and door frames.  You can see a strap along the right side of the door in the picture below.  That is what you use to raise and lower the persiana.  When it is raised, it rolls up into a storage area designed above the window casing so the persiana is entirely concealed from the weather when it is open. When it is lowered the persiana completely covers the window and protects the glass and darkens the rooms inside.  Because most homes do not have air conditioning and the summer months can get very hot, they raise the persianas wide open at night and put fans in the windows to draw in the cool air.  In the morning they close the windows and the persianas to trap the cool air in the house as much as possible.  During the winter months, they do just the opposite to allow the sun to come in and warm up the house during the day and close them up tight at night.  This works really well since most homes are very well insulated and most have either tile or marble flooring.  Right now the weather is beautiful so the windows and persianas are wide open day and night.

As most of you know, we opted not to invest in getting a drivers license while in Spain.  A couple of reasons lead us to that decision.  One the cost to get a drivers license which includes the schooling and the testing is approximately $1000.  The other reason is that we really wanted to live among the people the way most of them live.  So we are utilizing public transportation.  Our main mode of transportation is by bus.  Here’s a couple photos to show you our bus stop and our bus to Alcala which is where we can either change and take a train or continue on the bus to Madrid central.  That’s Bob and our boarding student Esmirna waiting on the bus to go to church.


Thanks so much!

The Start of Our Journey in Spain!

Sorry for the long delay in posting to our blog.

We have been in numerous trainings and classes since we arrived.  They have all been good but with the meetings, the jet lag, and lack of internet, we have not had opportunity to post.  It also took a while to get our internet connected in our apartment since most of the people in the Madrid area go on vacation the entire month of August because it is so hot here  and they do not have air conditioning in most of the houses and apartments.  We were really blessed to have it installed in late August.

It was very hot when we arrived on August 16th but just last week a rain storm came through and now we are in the 80’s during the day and low 60’s at night.  Makes for great sleeping and much more energy!!

We’d like to start this journey off with information about where we live.  Our Spanish address is:

Avenida de los Cazadores, 21   Camarma, Madrid,  Spain 28816

Let’s start with some photos of our new home for the next couple of years.  We are blessed with a very large (according to Spanish standards) apartment.  It is upstairs from the landlord’s place of business and has 4 bedrooms, large living room, a good size kitchen and 1 bathroom.  We have a balcony on 2 sides of our apartment and a courtyard that we can use to relax or entertain friends.

This first picture is our street.  You can see our apartment on the far corner on the right hand side.  It is the beautiful yellow building with blue and white trim.  The landlord has a metal shop just below the apartment and an aluminum shop on the right side.  You can see the door open on the aluminum shop.  His name is Vicente and he and his father made all the wrought iron and the windows.  We enter using the gate in the middle.

The next photo is of the courtyard that separates the two shops and is our entry into our apartment.  Please note the two large grape vines that grow up during the summer and make a wonderful canopy for the courtyard.  Bob is standing next to the stairs that lead to our place.  The door in the back houses the large container for oil which is what heats the apartment and our water heater. Also note the wonderful wrought iron work.


Courtyard of our apartment

Inside of the house:  Here’s the kitchen.


Kitchen – Storage and Refrigerator


Kitchen – Stove & Sink

The stove runs using partial propane and partial electric.  The burner on the right and the oven run off electric.  The remaining burners run off of propane which you can see is stored in the stove (orange cylinder in the open door).




Balcony with entrance to livingroom


Front Balcony

Bedrooms: Guest, Student, Master, and 1 we use for sewing & ironing

Bathroom which has washing machine and our outside drying lines which are above the grape vines.  You get access to them from the kitchen window.




Clothes drying lines

We will continue to introduce you to our new home and work here in Spain in the next few days and weeks.  Thank you so much for going on this journey with us.

God Bless You!!



What do those three have in common? They are doors to where God has called us to serve and answers to your prayers for us. We will leave out for Spain on the 15th of this August around 10:15 AM.

We are excited about this part of our journey in life together: seeking support team members, sorting out what is and not important. We have learned so much about ourselves and our relationship walking with God through Christ. We have had to STOP and listen to God’s Holy Spirit, and there have been times when our ears were plugged by our working hands to get the task done ahead of God’s schedule. God is so patient and gracious.


The resounding words for the past month has been, “go, go, go!”

Now we are just three days out from departing, we are each asking such questions as, Cindy, “Did you get all the necessaries completed on your part?” Bob, “ Did you get all the necessaries completed on your part?” We were cross-checking and rechecking and still finding holes where tasks to be completed had fallen through. It made for interesting days.


When one travels for a two week vacation you put together as much as you can to enjoy the mini adventure BUT . . . that is not the case when packing for a two year journey. We are toting two years of clothes, vitamins, 90 days worth of prescriptions, two Bibles, favorite books, sewing machine and sewing supplies, art supplies, and photography equipment. All of which has been put into four large suitcases and two carry-on, and two under the seat bags.


Our assignments are as follows: Cindy will be a teacher’s aide, assisting in the office with visa information, and for a short time teaching elementary art; Bob will be teaching U.S. Government, Physical Science, and World Geography. All of it in a Biblical based setting.






God has planted us in the middle of the community of Camarma de Esteruelas Madrid. It gives us first hand daily contact with the people in this small community extension of Madrid. Our apartment is above the landlord’s place of business. We are within walking distance to the school and the nearest bus stop to Madrid.

Well, that is all for now. Here is our email address so we can know how to pray for you.

Bob’s –      Cindy’s –


Animated Sites:





Well, the time to return to the fields of harvest God is calling us to serve in is near.  Our scheduled departure date is August 11th, 2016.  We returned from Spain in the middle of May hitting the ground running and have only stopped on a few occasions to catch our breath and get redirected by God.  During those stops, we also spent time with grandchildren and their parents and other relatives.  We have had the blessing of sharing with fellow believers both in worship service and in their homes, and seeking their support both prayer wise and financially. Our journey to this nearing time has been a great learning and growing experience.  Searching and asking for friends and family members to come and join our Support Team has really caused us to look at the faith God has given us to live by. There are times when I feel like Peter when he received the question from Jesus after he panicked upon stepping out of the fishing boat to meet the Lord in His call of “Come.” Jesus asked him, “You of little faith, why did you doubt?”  What was being said here was, “Why did you quit resting so quickly in the faith?” Everyday living in comfort and familiar surroundings is barely living in the faith God has so richly given us to live abundantly in.  I personally have been humbled when looking at the saints who have been previously called to serve abroad with reliance upon God’s provisions through others, and have gained much admiration for them.

We are sure that God’s growing us will only continue as we serve in Spain in a number of capacities.  We will be serving at Evangelical Christian Academy (E.C.A.) in the areas of teaching, teacher assistance and office administrative assistance.



We are also returning to Spain to continue serving God looking for those ready and white unto harvest.



With the hope of pointing them to Christ through grace and mercy without using tricks or gimmicks.


Where will we be living?  In Camarma de Esteruelas, Madrid, just 30 miles northeast of the city of Madrid.

The Shield of Camarma de Esteruelas, Madrid


Parque Arroyo Camarmilla, muy bien protegido<br/>© <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">EventusBonus</a> (<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Panoramio</a>)Dia Camarma, tras la plaza mayor<br/>© <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">EventusBonus</a> (<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Panoramio</a>)

We cherish your prayers as we continue our preparation for following God’s call and quickly approaching our time of departure for leaving familiar surroundings, family and friends, and living what Jesus commanded us to do in Matthew 28:19-20.  Those two verses speak volumes but that calls for another time.


Communication in the Last Week

Hello to all our faithful readers.  We are in our last week of being in Madrid, Spain.  Since our last posting, we have been busy in multiple areas.  We have taken in some touring journeys, assisted at Immanuel Baptist Church, refreshed ourselves in the sharing of God’s Word, visited a mission work in Torrejon, Spain, and taken a nap or two.  We have been blessed and hopefully been a blessing to those we have come in contact with in all of our adventures and efforts to serve.

Castles in Sight

We have journeyed to Manzanares el Real, Spain to tour a small castle called Castle los Mendoza and then picnicked in one of their environmentally protected parks.

Another journey of ours was to Segovia, Spain.  Aside from its beautiful landscape of pastures and a distant mountain range, there is the largest currently standing Roman aqueduct, an ancient Jewish quarter, the Cathedral de Segovia, and a very large castle called the Alcazar of Segovia, which was the inspiration for the queen’s castle in Disney’s “Snow White.”

 “Manos” (Hands) at Work

Cindy and I helped in various areas of need both in and outside of the church building.  Cindy helped organize the Sunday School Supply room and I helped her with some of the filing of educational materials and the heavy lifting of specific items.  We were able to repair one of the sink faucets in one of the ladies’ bathrooms, and re-attach a student desktop.

A Study into God’s Word

Cindy and the ladies at Emmanuel Baptist spent their usual two hours of diving into God’s Word to learn about His direction for them in their daily lives.  This takes place on every Thursday right after their lunch.  Cindy finds it such a blessing.  On Saturday mornings I get the opportunity to share God’s Word with brothers in Christ Daniel and Alex over a light breakfast.  It too is about two hours.  Cindy and I also had a grand time fellowshipping with Alex this past Thursday afternoon over a two hour lunch.  Meal time here in Spain is a social time and they do just that, when we left the restaurant there were two customers who sat at the same time still socializing.  Cindy and I were able to contact one of the young ladies at Emmanuel who lived just two subway hops away for a late social hour (2 hours) talking about God in all of our lives and her work. It is so refreshing not to feel rushed over a meal in a public service area.


Ladies Thursday Afternoon Bible Study


Asel and us

Mission in Torrejon

May the first, which is Mother’s Day in Spain, we were privileged to visit a Spanish Church Plant Mission on the outskirts of Madrid in Torrejon.  Pastor Lucas and his wife started the mission as a Bible Study in their home about five years ago.  They met there until their numbers were so large they needed to rent a room in the local hotel.  Three years later they are still meeting in the Hotel but their numbers continue to grow and sometimes they have as many as 30 children.  They continually run 50 to 70 adults.  The entire service was in Spanish but we enjoyed the worship through music and prayer.  We were able to catch the basic sermon message and enjoyed the time of fellowship.  They ask to keep them in prayer to reach more people for Christ.

Mission Work on the Streets

We get the opportunities to have the doors open for conversation at various stores on some of our outings.  We have three men that we try to make contact with on our daily journeys, Louis, Frank, and Jamie. At the Saturday morning get together place, I have conversations with a brother in Christ from Liberia who stands at the door of VIPS restaurant begging because he has no work nor work visa because he is waiting for the documentation process.  He is all smiles and is already sharing Christ with other men where he stays at night.  The commuters on the subway carry conversations between mutual friends but on the most part the subway is filled with the absence of conversation as people sit with nothing more than a blank stare on their faces, a sort of sadness drapes upon their personages. We also have two older ladies in our living complex who we try to communicate with on occasion, the language barrier makes it difficult.  But what crosses the barrier is a smile, a few words of gratitude, a helping hand, and laughter with them.  The work in Madrid is slow but promising and the work is always worth the effort.  Please keep these and the others in prayer.

Departure Soon

We are at the end our journey and we will be leaving this mission field on Wednesday the 11th for a long journey to our earthly home in Missouri with our hearts and prayers for the fellow saints in the fields of harvest here and those in the fields waiting to be harvested.


Well it has been a few days since we posted anything because we have been busy assisting others, touring parts of Madrid, and fellowshiping.

We have come home tired and since Spanish life is late to bed we are up late preparing dinner and resting. We will take a few minutes to update you regarding our journey.

God has blessed us with great opportunities to assist educators at the Evangelical Christian Academy in Camarama de Esteruelas, Spain (sort of a suburb of Madrid). This is a voluteer staffed school consisting of grades one through twelve. It takes us a full two hours to arrive there via subway, autobus, and automobile.  Cindy and I were teacher aides this past Tuesday. We laminated, cut, and trimmed math teaching tools, Cindy laminated some items for a teacher and assited another in preparing a math teacing tool, I graded a set of history test papers, and we both teamed up to put together a bullentin board about Mexico for another teacher – right up our alley.  Here are some photos of our blessing of the day.


Evangelical Christian Academy


“Have Scissors will Laminate and Trim”


Another Scissors Hand

We took some time out to tour parts of Madrid.  We visited the Plaza de Rosa.


One of four Esculators to our Subway.


Atocha Cercanias Train Station


Puerta de Europa

There is a Wednesday night Bible Study and Prayer Meeting every week which starts at 8 p.m. There are at least nine countries represented during the meeting. We share the Word of God among each other and then break into men and women prayer teams to pray for many needs:physical and spiritual health, God’s direction, and other missionaries out on the field.


Bible Study and Prayer Meeting


Bible Study and Prayer Meeting


Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

We were able to help out at Immanuel Baptist Church today with VBS preparations and classroom repairs.  Had a great time fellowshiping while working with Paola who is the Associate Pastor’s wife.