THE new year has entered and a month has gone by as the cold keeps pressing in.  There are those who are bearing the winter of life alone and are always seeking a place of warmth and a renewing of life.

GOD offers the warm of eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, and feeds the empty soul with the Bread of Life.  How do they know to whom to come? They don’t unless those whom God calls goes.  During our travels over this past Christmas, God brought a stark reminder that no matter where one goes in the world there are lives seeking direction for the hope and internal peace.

THIS year is another opportunity to proclaim Christ to empty souls of desperation so they can hear the message of salvation and hope, and to receive salvation and be filled with the Bread of Life.


“Suffer the little children to come unto me.” This little boy refused to leave for the longest time as he listened to our signing and the musicians playing while Micky and Minnie were just down from us. His persistence required his parents to stand and listen to our proclamation of God’s love towards mankind through His Son Jesus Christ. Ps. 34:11, Matthew 18:2-4, and Matthew 19:14

THE ministry work doesn’t stop in the open outdoors.  It comes to the students at E.C.A. during chapel which takes place every Friday morning with one of our area pastors or parents bringing the Word of God to the students, and in the classrooms as teachers minister by incorporating God’s Word into the subject matter as they teach.


THE two pictures below are of the bridge that spans the across the Rhine River in Cologne, Germany with “Locks of Love” attached to it.  There were many various types of locks attached to the metal railing and some had attached an extra-large lock to the main railing so that others may have an attachment to the source. Our reach to the lost across the vast coldness of life requires our love not out of pity but that of Christ’s – a sacrifice of one’s self with a genuine sharing of God’s Grace and Mercy.

IT doesn’t require a lot of expression of love in one setting. It may be just a little bit at a time in that one particular place and moment to help a person realize that God’s love is genuine.


Please keep us in your prayers as we work at ECA, and go into the communities where God leads us to serve as laborers in the fields of harvest.  How should you pray?  Pray for God’s leading to be clear as to whom He has been preparing for the harvest, and that our actions would be that of Christ and not of human effort to be doing something. Thank you for your support in all areas.


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