Life in Ministry in Spain


20160824_171309  A Field White Unto Harvest

When you think about Jesus’s statement of truth, as recorded in John 4:35, “I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest,” it is understood that the harvest of the lost for His Kingdom is ripe and ready for the gleaning. But what might be the case is the lack of understanding how those fields might look. Here are a few fields that Cindy and I have been working through for the past couple of months.

Working in the classroom is a field within the field of missionaries. Not every child in a Christian community is saved and the fruits of those lives being in that state becomes evident after a bit. So, it adds a new dimension to the already designed method of educating young people in preparation for secular or ministerial work. The demons know whom they have control over and they make efforts to challenge us as teachers at every opportune time. The number of students who do know the Lord as their Savior is far more than those who are not saved but their needs for maturing and discipleship are equally in need. These challenges during the past couple of months has caused me to re-assess my teaching skills and keep my eyes on the LORD of Heaven and Earth at all times. I have grown in learning who I am and where my walk is in Christ, have a more directed focus of who I need to pray for. Nehemiah sought the Lord of Heaven in confession and repentance not for the sake of himself but for the need of Israel and the state of Jerusalem and for help in knowing how to approach the king. He had to have preparation in his own life before he could address the need of Jerusalem. Before he could address the earthly king over him, he had to seek the King of heaven and earth who allowed this earthly king to rule over Nehemiah and the Israelites for grace and mercy. God granted it to him and the doors opened. I have come to realize that in any field of harvest God has called any of us to work in that we need to seek Him first on how to do it moment by moment. After all, He has prepared it so He should know how to harvest it. Pray for our harvest times that we will be sensitive to the real needs of those in the fields and attentive to God’s leading.

Cindy has been ministering to the needs of the elementary teachers and other ministry members in their efforts serving the elementary children. She has also been a testimony to the elementary children by actively participating in their games during recess time. They really like her and have in turn ministered to her with a get-well card when she was sick and at home during the later week of October. She is growing in her walk too due to this type of field we are working in.

Teachers and Other Ministry Members


Our house parenting skills are also growing by housing a teenage girl who and our relationship with her is also growing. She is a sharp young lady and yet still a teenager (in a good way). We not only have her as a young lady living under our care but she is one of my students in one of my classes. NO, she does not get extra privileges to knowing what is on the assessments or help.


Aside from Cindy being sick and Bob catching a bit of it from her, he had a recent root canal done that had been forgotten about before we left the States. But the tooth had not forgotten about it and it let him know abruptly. So off we went to the dentist with the aid of a sister in Christ. The dentist has a child who graduated from ECA and was so pleased with the outcome of her child’s education and turnout. She gives a 10 percent discount to those who minister at the school. Our bill for the whole thing was 1/4th of the cost of a root canal in the US. Yes, you read that right, and it is a private practice. What a blessing!


We do take time out for relaxation from Bob’s heavy preparation for teaching three different subjects. We have gone to a medieval festival, on a field trip with the middle schoolers, on a cultural field trip, and on a night in Madrid making contact with Spaniards while enjoying tapas and dessert with fellow missionary staff.



Medieval Festival




We are learning Spanish, Cindy two days a week and Bob one. We get to practice with the people in the community and our landlord. They are gracious to us and help us if we are in error. Life is different here but not so that we are lost in the shuffle of things.


There are all kinds of food to eat in Spain and at the Medieval Festival we ate a “Kebalb” in an Arabic style restaurant.  Look at the meat.

We were able to ride in an old-time train with other missionaries to visit a really old town. The train is called the “tren de la fresa,” it means the Strawberry Train in Spanish.   They served fresh strawberries on it.  And then we rode a tiny train to see the King of Spain’s summer palace. It has over 80 bedrooms. You could sleep in a different bedroom every 4 and half days.


God has called us and He will keep us. We ask that you keep us in prayer and those we are ministering to. We do cherish them and please feel free to contact us via this blog in the response section under “ABOUT”, email, Facebook, Whats app, or skype. No phone calls unless it is an emergency, it costs us dearly. Thank you for your support and prayers. In Christ’s Service, Bob and Cindy Liechti


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