More about life in Spain

In case you noticed the “persianas” (or blinds as we would call them) on every window and most doors, I thought I would take a minute to explain their purpose. The Spaniards and other European countries use persianas to help regulate the temperature in the house. They are built into the window and door frames.  You can see a strap along the right side of the door in the picture below.  That is what you use to raise and lower the persiana.  When it is raised, it rolls up into a storage area designed above the window casing so the persiana is entirely concealed from the weather when it is open. When it is lowered the persiana completely covers the window and protects the glass and darkens the rooms inside.  Because most homes do not have air conditioning and the summer months can get very hot, they raise the persianas wide open at night and put fans in the windows to draw in the cool air.  In the morning they close the windows and the persianas to trap the cool air in the house as much as possible.  During the winter months, they do just the opposite to allow the sun to come in and warm up the house during the day and close them up tight at night.  This works really well since most homes are very well insulated and most have either tile or marble flooring.  Right now the weather is beautiful so the windows and persianas are wide open day and night.

As most of you know, we opted not to invest in getting a drivers license while in Spain.  A couple of reasons lead us to that decision.  One the cost to get a drivers license which includes the schooling and the testing is approximately $1000.  The other reason is that we really wanted to live among the people the way most of them live.  So we are utilizing public transportation.  Our main mode of transportation is by bus.  Here’s a couple photos to show you our bus stop and our bus to Alcala which is where we can either change and take a train or continue on the bus to Madrid central.  That’s Bob and our boarding student Esmirna waiting on the bus to go to church.


Thanks so much!


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